Stambaugh Auditorium – Fifth Avenue Stairs and Façade Renovations


Youngstown, Ohio

Project Description:

Delivered under the construction management model, this project includes masonry restoration of the existing building façade, removal and reconstruction of the limestone grand stair entry, while incorporating modern ADA access points, site walkways with integral snow melt systems, and exterior lighting systems to enhance the historic building’s existing features.


Construction Manager

Benefit/Value to Client:

Through DeSalvo's reconstruction efforts, the owner has been able to allow access to the unique exterior space for various events and photo shoots for concerts, weddings, commencement ceremonies, and so on.

Additionally, other enhancements incorporated into the project will further allow the owner to highlight and promote the facility.

Thanks to the installation of snow melt systems, access to the space during the cold & snowy winter months can be improved.

Lastly, the programmable exterior LED light systems will provide the building owner with technology to light the façade in colors that match a current or upcoming event.

These features benefit Stambaugh Auditorium by increasing accessibility and visibility of the exterior space through all seasons and time of day.