Flexibility. Innovation. Philanthropy.

Our Mission

To leave a lasting impact on the communities we serve by completing every project with excellence, giving our employees a great place to work, and supporting nonprofits through philanthropy and volunteerism.

Our Vision

To be the top choice for design-build, construction management and general contracting services by remaining flexible and innovative while maintaining an excellent workplace culture.

Workplace culture is the heart and soul of any organization.

At DeSalvo Construction, we’ve created an environment that motivates, rewards and retains an extraordinary team of talented men and women eager to do whatever it takes to help the client succeed.

Key Elements:



We ensure our team has access to the latest technological advances to easily document and receive real-time updates on any project, anytime, anywhere. This also allows us to provide detailed reports to clients upon request.



We constantly seek and implement creative new ways to further satisfy the needs of our clients and eliminate or reduce inadvertent problems.



We are always learning, growing and taking advantage of educational opportunities. We value improvement and firmly believe in the dividends it creates.



We want to attract and retain people who have high character and work hard. We strive to face challenges head-on while following through with our commitments.



This is our secret weapon. Our vast experience gives us the knowledge and ability to handle anything that comes our way.



We share our success with the communities we serve. To date, we have donated over a half million dollars to more than 250 organizations.

Our Services

Thanks to our vast experience, we are able to offer a variety of services to benefit our clients financially and logistically.

Our Team

Behind every great DeSalvo project is a team of hardworking and innovative professionals.