Community Workforce and Cultural Center


Campbell, Ohio

Project Description:

Construction of a new 43,000-sq.-ft.-building to house the Community Literacy, Workforce and Cultural Center led by the Campbell City School District. The building includes a 23,000-sq.-ft- pre-engineered metal building area for athletics and health & welfare activities, with the remainder of the facility accommodating a library, health clinic, and space for various STEM and community college outreach programs.


General Contractor

Benefit/Value to Client:

DeSalvo Construction’s skills in schedule management, collaboration and cost analysis were perfectly suited for this project. Thanks to an increase in available grant funding, supplemental mezzanine space was added to the scope of work following contract award. The DeSalvo team identified and facilitated key decisions needed for long-lead procurement items, such as the pre-engineered metal building, so fabrication could begin while changes to the design were finalized. Despite the additional scope and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction team successfully completed the project on schedule.

Matthew Bowen - Superintendent, Campbell City Schools