Mahoning County Court #4 – Austintown, Ohio

Lease Space Renovation

Trading Spaces

DeSalvo Construction was recently engaged to help deliver the relocation and renovations required for the Mahoning County Court #4 at Austintown Plaza.

After being located in the rear backside of the plaza for years, the court’s lease for that space expired. Simultaneously, a space on the front of the plaza became available. The timing appeared right for the court to obtain both a new modernized renovated space while getting a prime relocated spot to the front of the plaza.

DeSalvo Construction was engaged early on in the process with the space’s landlord – Austintown Plaza, LTD. – to provide probable costs on the proposed renovation.

Once a lease was finalized, DeSalvo Construction engaged plumbing, mechanical, and electrical contractors to work in a design build method.

Incorporating Changes


Many safety measures were incorporated into the design of this space to address the impact of COVID-19, including adding Ultra Violet (UV) lights to the existing HVAC units.  UV lights are installed near the coils inside the roof top units. The light given off kills organic growth such as mold, bacteria, and viruses in the air as it passes through the coils and the sterilized air is then distributed throughout a building. This method aids in sanitizing the air that is circulated throughout the entire court, including offices and lobby areas, allowing everyone to breathe a little easier!

Having more space couldn’t have come at a better time for the court, especially now that social distancing has become a part of our everyday life. The new location is approximately 15,000 Square Feet in size (the old location was just under 10,000 Square Feet). The size of the space allowed for a layout that could maximize efficiency for court employees and accommodate COVID safety protocols for both staff and the public. The new location offers a 2,400 Square Foot lobby, a 2,300 Square Foot courtroom, and a 1,700 Square Foot area for court clerks. The large tempered glass transaction windows – which separate the lobby from the court clerk’s area – offers the feel of an open environment while providing safety for both the staff and public.

Ceramic wall tiles were added to the restrooms to allow for more thorough cleaning at these high-traffic areas.  In lieu of carpet, ceramic and vinyl floor tiles were used throughout the public areas as well, as they would be easier to disinfect while cleaning.

The addition of an interior vestibule provides an area where a visitor’s temperature can be checked prior to entering the main lobby. This feature gives one more layer to the prevention of spreading the COVID virus. The aluminum and glass vestibule also allows the court’s security officers to be aware of everyone entering the building at all times.

Mahoning County Court #4 is located at 6001 Mahoning Avenue, Austintown, Ohio 44515.