7 17 Credit Union – Gary Soukenik Financial Center

If The Price is Right…

When 7 17 Credit Union approached DeSalvo Construction about renovating former branch space, the financial institution was in a unique situation. They had a clearly defined project budget but only a general idea of how they wanted to use the old building.

The credit union had just moved into their newly completed Larchmont Avenue branch and knew that the former branch space, nestled between their new facility and their corporate headquarters, needed to be repurposed.

Their design partner, Baker Bednar Snyder & Associates, assisted them in identifying potential design concepts. After reviewing various schematic plans, 7 17 decided to use a portion of the space to house the credit union’s safe deposit boxes. The rest of the building would be transformed into modern office and meeting space.

7 17 was anxious to begin the renovations but could not confidently move forward just yet. While schematic plans do address specific needs, they include minimal detail. The owner needed confirmation that the project costs would not exceed the funds they had allocated for the work.

That’s where we came in.

The Right Contractor

Typically, a general contractor will identify costs based on finalized architectural and engineered drawings. Because there were no final drawings at that point, we provided probable cost feedback based on schematic renderings and sketches.

Our feedback verified the design concepts for the owner and streamlined the process for the design team, allowing them to move forward only with the development of concepts the owner had pricing on. In addition, this process reduced design costs and further assisted the owner in meeting their pricing goals.

Meanwhile, field personnel immediately began selective demolition of spaces that were going to be renovated. Even while decisions were still being made, the project was able to progress.

Ultimately, 7 17 had all the information they needed to finalize the renovation plans and get the right results for the right price – all due to having the right construction partner on board from the early stages of project development.

The result was an outstanding success. The Gary Soukenik Financial Center, named after 7 17’s CEO to honor his 40 years of service and community involvement, houses the credit union’s safe deposit boxes and is used for meetings with Medicare agents, mortgage consultants and Retirement & Investment Group representatives.

Some of the building’s meeting space doubles as a historical museum chock-full of facts and photographs dating back to the institution’s beginning in 1957.

 With 19,235 square feet of renovated space on the first floor and 7,141 square feet of renovated space on the second floor, the state-of-the-art financial center will serve the community well as 7 17 Credit Union continues to grow.

7 17 Credit Union is located at 3181 Larchmont Avenue, Warren, Ohio. Learn more at https://www.717cu.com/About-Us/Whats-New/News/Financial-Center-Dedication